Valor Necklace

By Sun Vow

A symbol of courage, royalty, strength, feist, and grace in cultures all over the world throughout time, the tiger has been long admired + adored.  So many women in my life have held these virtues, and this piece is dedicated to all the inspiring bombshells out there. This piece is vintage inspired, holding true to the meaning intertwined with the symbolism of the tiger, but evokes the tigress vibes of the sexy, powerful bombshells of the 80s + 90s.  Like a subtle, but unforgettable perfume.  Get em’ tig(ress). Handmade from starting with a gold blank sheet to engraving each stripe,  this piece is full of love + meticulous detail.  Layer it with your favorites or make a subtle statement as a solo necklace, I hope this piece finds its way into your story with a full heart. Balanced on a double bail and slides on flowing golden serpentine 14k gold fill chain, and adjustable from 16-17”