Nouveaux Puff Earrings


These voluminous, sculptural earrings are a red carpet staple worn on repeat by celebrities including Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber. Like shoulder pads for your ears, these earrings make a bold statement by complementing - not competing with - your outfit. Additionally, their hollowed out design is a feat of design engineering, making them lightweight. These bulbous orb shapes were achieved by soldering two halves together, creating a seamless silhouette you might achieve through blowing glass. To support the weight of the earring, these come with a larger, wider backing for additional support. Finished in high polish gold.


  • Gold tone-dipped brass
  • Finish: high polish
  • Flat disc backings

Product Measurements:

Length: 26.4mm / 1.03"

Width: 24.7mm / 0.97"

Depth: 16.7mm / 0.65"

Weight: 9.88g / 0.34oz


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